Subject: Koenig bookstore terminates all student workers in Munich after union demands for basic working conditions



We are writing on our own behalf to draw attention to our industrial conflict with the Walther and Franz König bookstore at the Haus der Kunst, Lenbachhaus and Museum Brandhorst branches.


All eleven student workers at the Munich branches were presented with a notice of termination on March 2, 2021, after demanding, with union support, basic working conditions such as sick and vacation days, lawful handling of work hours during museum closures, and fair payment of salary.

For more information on the demands of the FAU Munich union, the press releases are linked below.


As art historians, theatre producers, and art students, we have always enjoyed working in these museum bookstores and have been always been able to make a meaningful contribution to the image of the stores and sales. However, we are no longer able to accept the systematic and exploitative practices (that were further exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic) of this chain of bookstores that predominantly relies on student employees.


So far, there has been no response to demands for basic workers' rights, nor offers to discuss our demands and the situation; the only response has been a failure to pay wages and the termination of our contracts.


We believe that the situation requires attention in order to rethink the reputation of a company so established within the art world. Without outside pressure, little will change in respect to our situation, nor will employment conditions improve in the other 45 stores.










Working students of the bookstore Walther König of the branches in Munich.


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