Class struggle without borders!


Nationalism divides what belongs together, and at the same time pounds together into supposed interests, which in reality is divided by class antagonisms. Migrants are particularly affected by exploitation and deprivation. Through the racist immigration policy some are banned from work, some also with labor constraints. Others do not have any papers, but they are forced to bring themselves and their families. In illegal employment, they can hardly enforce their rights and are exposed to the arbitrariness of their "employers".

Solidarity against racism and exploitation

However, even if the jobs are "legal", they are often precarious: in the areas of gastronomy, cleaning, care and construction, labor law violations in the form of fake self-employment, wage dumping, "cold" dismissals and wage grudges are the order of the day. The established social partners' trade unions show only limited interest in organizing (illegal) migrants or supporting them in fights for their right to stay and against legal obstacles. Rather, their focus on the permanent workforce and their nationalism deepens the social divisions and precarity.  

Migrants need radical trade unions

Only one thing will help against this: we do not let ourselves be divided - as "native" workers against "foreign" workers, as regular workers against precarious workers, as a "location" against the others. Instead, we are looking for the link in the fight for better living conditions and for a world without exploitation and domination. We unite against the new walls on the borders and in the heads to organize solidarity and mutual aid. Also in the current efforts to oblige refugees to work underpaid, exclusion and lowering of labor standards are melting together, which consequently affects all workers negatively. We want to fight as a working class not only for the freedom of movement of all people but also against state-organized exploitation. 

United we will build bridges where others want to build walls

In the internationalist tradition of anarcho-syndicalism, we call for solidarity with migrant workers. We protest and fight together against precarious working conditions, against capitalist exploitation and against the racist immigration regime. Only with a cross-border trade union practice we can resist capitalism!